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Bio Ionic Blue Wave Nano-Ionic Brush  Medium

Bio Ionic Blue Wave Nano-Ionic Brush Medium

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Product Details

Less Slip and More Grip! A breakthrough in brush design has created a square-round barreled brush for one of the most versatile styling tools ever!

  • * Wave-shaped bristles infused with Natural Ion Complex lock in to the hair for maximum conditioning benefits, by increasing the surface area of brush bristles coming in to contact with hair.
  • * Square-round shaped barrel speeds-up drying time, allowing the user to put more tension on the hair.
  • * Square-round barrel can be used for straightening, curls or waves.
  • * Incredibly lightweight for all-day styling.
  • * Minimize hair breakage and split-ends.
  • * Visibly add noticeable luster.
  • * Make hair significantly more manageable.
  • * Eliminate frizz and fly-aways.
  • * Eliminate static electricity.
  • * Ergonomic handles make them easy to use.

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